Nong Shim "Kimchi Ramyun"

Brand: Nong Shim
Flavour: Kimchi Ramyun
Format: brick-in-packet
Packets: two
Identifiables: noodle disc, veggie bits, flavour powder
Sodium: 2.26 grams

Occasionally, I travel to other places. Sometimes, when in those other places, I visit international markets. Frequently, upon visiting those international markets in other places, I buy instant noodles I've not yet seen. This is one of those times.

Unfortunately, these aren't always terribly interesting. Nong Shim has attempted to take the winning Shin Ramyun formula and adapted it to a kimchi flavour. Anyhow, I'll cut the review short and say that they haven't really succeeded. (I decided to be a little unorthodox with this review and prepare it dry-style, but that doesn't really affect the flavour.) I associate a certain tone with kimchi, a rather more vegetably (!) sort of thing than this particular noodle provides. It's spicy, but a bit less so than Shin Ramyun, which might be a plus to many of you. The vegetable flavour does come through a bit more, and the rich slightly-beefy flavour is perhaps a little less present, but these are more nitpicks than actual distinctions. If you like Shin Ramyun, you'll like this almost as much... but I must say, I'm still planning to buy the family packs of Shin Ramyun for my regular noodle enjoyment.

Yes, I buy Shin Ramyun in five-packs. I'm that dedicated. Someday I might go back and change the numbers on my old review....

Numbers: packaging 4, preparation 2, heat 4, flavour 3, overall 3
Music: Jake Kaufman - Shantae (GBC) - Tinkerbot Boss Battle


jinpachi said...

If you were really dedicated, you'd buy Shin Ramyun by the boxes.

Unknown said...

I think you're supposed to eat these as a soup, i know i do and they're actually quite tasty, but still not a patch on the ace cook ones!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just read your post on the shin ramen..So thought of asking you this question. What are the contents of the tastemaker. I mean how do they make it. Does it has beef in it. Becoz i like shin ramyen very much but some one told me that it contains beef in its tastemaker. So i had to stop eating it. Is there any alternative to that. Like kimchi ramen does its tastemaker also contain beefy meat ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Being On a tight income ,Its by far an Inexpensive way to have a filling Meal adding frozen veggies and tuna to the Mix and Voila! Delicious

Danielle said...

Hi thankss for sharing this