Corporate shilling, in my blog? It's more likely than you think.

I already mentioned it once but now that I've had the chance to experience the service myself I find myself compelled – both by first impressions and by the deal I made with their marketing guy – to tell you lot all about Ramenbox. Simply put, this is an online shop specialising in ramen first and ramen only. The procedure is simple:

  1. Go to the website at www.ramenbox.com. Isn't it pretty?

  2. Select a tray with a certain number of slots. This will be what you fill with tasty instant noodles.

  3. Peruse their respectable selection of ramen (I've reviewed about half of them before, and there are some reviews on their site!) and add the ones you want to your tray. Each ramen takes up a certain number of slots; most of them take one, but large ones can go up to three.

  4. Check out, wait for shipping, and receive ramen.

But wait, there's more! The tray I received showed up with a bonus package which contained a few pairs of classy branded chopsticks (the square sort that always split unevenly, but that's part of the charm), a few packets of sriracha hot sauce, a cute Ramenbox sticker (maybe I'll put it on my PC case... or my laptop, if they pay me with more ramen) and – perhaps this is just because they're buttering me up – a super-secret bonus packet of ramen which I'll also be reviewing today. Looking at the spread I'm admittedly impressed. Every item I ordered was expertly packed in the tray (they must have a Tetris expert on the payroll) and the tray itself is a handsome cardboard deal which would sit conveniently on a pantry shelf.

Now, several people have asked me why they would order from Ramenbox when they have a nearby international market. I can offer several good reasons. The selection is pretty much guaranteed to have stuff you've never seen before and would enjoy. Some people don't live anywhere near a decent international market and really shouldn't have to suffer one more packet of Maruchan. Most of all... if being able to command ramen to be delivered to your doorstep isn't cool, then nothing on this blue space-rock is. Push button, get ramen. Oh, and another bonus: If you use the coupon code "CHEAPERTHANFOOD" then you get ten percent off the cost of the entire order just for being readers of this ramen blog. What more could you possibly ask?

Ramen junkies, these folks will hook you up. Seriously. Their slogan is "savor the choice" but I think it should be "We'll hook you up, ramen junkie." And they will.

That free ramen was totally worth the six bucks and the advertisement.


E. Kellner said...

Wewts! Glad to hear the order worked out so well. I placed mine today, using the blog discount code. Can't wait to try green tea ramen and the "Fire" cup!
Incidentally, this is Fire. *waves* =D

Electric Keet said...

Bwaaaaaaah! You could have said who you were before *grin* And yeah, I'm rather pleased with the service. It's a bit pricier than hitting the local Asian markets, but they have a great selection and for folks out in the boonies it's a godsend. Oh, and be careful with that "Fire" cup. I know Shin Ramyun well. It's not for the timid.