An indefinite hiatus.

People have been asking about the fate of their favourite ramen blogger. Did she disappear? Swear off the Internet forever? Go in search of the perfect noodle? Get consumed by a vengeful noodle monster?

I'd like to put these questions to rest. I'm still alive and well, and being productive with other things – writing short stories, reading longer stories, doing professional book design work, converting oxygen to carbon dioxide. The catch is that I also moved to a house closer to Seattle proper, rejuvenated my social life, and started enjoying home-cooked food and leftovers more often. This all tends to make blogging about ramen less of a priority, you see. Plus, I broke my camera, and I really don't want to stick my smartphone over a steaming bowl of noodle soup, thank you very much.

The final nail in the coffin – at least for the moment – is that I'm trying my hand at a low glycemic diet, mostly to make it easier to coordinate meals and shopping with my lovely wife who has been on such a restricted diet for some time. This means that instant ramen is, in general, right out. No ramen noodles... no ramen noodle reviews.

What's in the future of Cheaper Than Food: the Ramen Break? I couldn't say. I might come right back to it in a few weeks, or I might let it languish for months upon years. However, I can say with total certainty that in no way did the blog stop being fun, and it won't be my last slightly surreal project to pop up out of nowhere. I'll be sure to let folks know of future endeavours, so stay tuned. (With your RSS readers. Or whatever.)

Thanks for reading, you wacky lot. You made this two-year project incredibly wonderful.


The Ramen Rater said...

Hello -
My name is Hans Lienesch and I run http://www.ramenrater.com where I'm up to 455 instant noodle reviews. Was wondering if you would want to maybe post a link to my site?
The Ramen Rater

Anonymous said...

Pasta actually has a very low glycemic index(even the instant kind).

Haystack said...

thank you very much for this wonderful blog.

although it's sad to see that you're no longer adding to it,
it's still fun to read all the lovely things you wrote back in the day.

Steve Pereira said...

Great noods blog. Shame you stopped. Please start up again!



Steve Pereira said...

Anonymous is correct about the low GI, as indicated:


Pasta/noodles is seen as a good food for marathon runners because it releases energy/carbohydrates slowly.