Ottogi "Bekse Curry Myon"

Brand: Ottogi
Flavour: Bekse Curry Myon
Format: brick-in-packet
Packets: two
Identifiables: noodle brick, veggie bits, soup powder
Sodium: 1.94 grams

Is there anything so misunderstood as curry? Honestly, take a look at the Wikipedia article on it and just try to figure out exactly what curry is, I dare you. Well, Ottogi seems fond enough of the phenomenon, and not only do they produce a curry-flavoured ramen, but they page it in a gold-tone wrapper. Classy, no?

Of curious note are the directions on this package. The first direction is to "Bring 450cc of water and vegetable flakes to a rolling boil. Add noodles and powder soup into boiling water. Cook for another 4 minutes and serve." That, my friends, is a single direction. The entire preparation and consumption of the dish is condensed into part one of two. What more could there possibly be?

Direction two is, "Adjust the amount of powder soup as needed. Add kimchi for better taste." Oh, now you tell me! I already served the noodles, you see....

Also interesting is that the package proudly proclaims that a total of three-hundred milligrams of Turmeric (capitalised as such!) is included for my health. Is turmeric particularly healthy? It turns out that it certainly could be. I feel healthier already.

The cooked ramen was, admittedly, a bit surprising. I'm accustomed to seeing bits of seaweed, carrot, and other odds and ends, but this marks the first time I have ever seen broccoli in instant noodles. It's a bit like driving one's morning commute and passing some guy on a unicycle. It's not within the realm of impossibility, but it's so startlingly unusual that one's co-workers will certainly hear about it. In fact, it almost completely distracted me from the potato bits.

These non-standard ramen vegetables did not deter me in the least, friends. I gladly sampled the sturdy noodles in their rich, ochre (mustard yellow? yellow-brown? curry-coloured?) sauce, and I found them reasonably good. The noodles were slightly less firm than I'd have liked, and a touch slimy with the sauce, but that's almost a nitpick more than a criticism. Plenty of curry flavour came through without any unexpected overtones. There wasn't really any broth, but a very loose sauce; I imagine that cooking in just a little less water would have done wonders for this.

Numbers: packaging 3, preparation 2, heat 3, flavour 4, overall 3
Music: Linus Åkesson - Fratres (Arvo Pärt)


Anonymous said...

Does it say 900mg of sodium?

Electric Keet said...

Actually, it claims 970mg of sodium, but that's per serving, and the packet is claimed to make two servings. Half the time, packets of this size are listed as a single serving, so I simply measure everything as if it were a single serving. Anyhow, it's not like they should be ashamed of nearly two grams of salt, when I've seen stuff that has over three, and even admits it as a single serving.

Anonymous said...

Found this site while searching for info about the curry ramen I had just purchased from the local H mart. Very interesting and relevant niche.

The ramen was delicious, but stained my white plastic bowl and deep yellow (turmeric and curry powder?) I had to toss the cheap-o bowl. Was also surprised by the dried broccoli and potato bits.

Jess said...

I just purchased this from the new Korean grocery store down the street. I love ramen noodle soups, but rarely try new ones. I was trying to find out what "ottoggi bekese" meant. I will definitely visit your site more often and sample what you blog about! If I spot a ramen you haven't discovered yet I'll let you know Thanks!

Unknown said...

I purchased a 4-pack of this ramen variety at H-Mart. I must say I really enjoyed them as far as packets go. Granted, the picture of veggies on the front didn't match the rehydrated packet contents, but the flavor was a very nice change from the kimchee powder salt packets of other varieties. I would suggest added some other veggies, say onion and peppers, adding them to the water as it comes to a boil to soften them a bit in time before the noodles complete cooking. Will definately buy the product again.

Kandace said...

I picked up some of this at a local Asian grocer, it's pretty good! I usually toss out the vegetable packet, but I add a small bit of chicken and corn to it.