Myojo "Ippeichan Yakisoba"

Brand: Myojo
Flavour: Ippeichan Yakisoba
Format: foam tray
Packets: four
Identifiables: noodle brick, veggie bits, assorted spices, soup base, mustard mayonnaise
Sodium: 1.70 grams

I must confess a love for the "dry-style" noodles. I know that these are not technically "ramen", as they lack broth, but they are instant noodles and such I intend to continue enjoying and reviewing them. In this particular case especially, that is a fortunate decision.

I was up late and jonesing for some noodle, so I picked a semi-random item from my sizable collection. Myojo was running at a fifty-percent success rate, in my estimation, so I knew this could be risky. Also daunting were the four packets included. Four! To make it truly epic, one of those packets was labelled "mustard mayonnaise", which to American ears may seem like saying "cat dog". Generally, these are two separate ingredients, and to merge them is madness.

I must say, however, that the packaging design impressed me. Not only is the look of the outer wrapper top-notch, but once that's peeled away the inside has a very modern design that inspired confidence in the eater. This is no slap-dash noodle; it is hi-technical excellent taste and flavour. It's also extremely convenient and well-considered, right down to the awesome-looking peel-off drain spout. I considered it notable enough to get a separate picture of it after opening. It looks like the sort of future in which I wish to live. It impressed me enough that I decided to slip it a rank five for packaging even though it doesn't come with its own eating utensils.

But, the loyal reader may ask, how is the product for taste? Surprising in many ways. The mustard mayonnaise, sweet soy soup base, vegetables, and spices combine to form a delightful yakisoba flavour which doesn't overpower the thin, wheaty noodles in the way one might expect from such ingredients. The texture is pleasant, neither particularly greasy nor sticky. This is a perfect recovery from the previous disappointment.

I wish there were more in the bowl. That, dear friends, is a ringing endorsement.

Numbers: packaging 5, preparation 3, heat 2, flavour 5, overall 5
Music: Michiru Yamane, Yasuhiro Ichihashi - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) - Requiem of a Night of Falling


Jeffrey Wells said...

Man, that actually looks kind of good. I probably shouldn't have skipped breakfast.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. I picked two of these up just this morning at my local import super market because of the packaging (and the cool fact that it was imported from Japan) heh! It looks really good too. I've only tried the UFO Japanese noodles, and this looks similar to it. I'm looking forward to cooking this now, but I will probably pass on the Mustard Mayonnaise just this first time.

Unknown said...

I know this is kind of a dead thread, but I have to comment on this... After spending several years sampling various imported instant yakisoba, ramen, and chow mein products, this one takes the cake!! UFO is dog food compared to this one... When I can find it, I usually skip a meal to help accommodate the incredible amount of saturated fat and sodium. The packaging is ingenious and delivers an incredibly consistent product... which is usually a challenge with the mainstream yakisoba products. The mustard mayo is a MUST when preparing the dish. I typically don't eat mustard OR mayo but when you throw it in with everything else, it practically disappears... It's like it forms the backbone of the sauce, providing the richness and slight tang that it would otherwise lack. So to those who choose to leave it out, I feel bad for you...

Guildenstern said...

Best Yakisoba ever! I eat at least one pack every weekend. And yes, the mayonnaise/mustard is a must.

Anonymous said...

Im eating it at this very moment and was looking for a good review to show people as a recommendation and decided this review was perfect for it. I would have to say that even if you do not like mustard or mayo, the packet it comes with is a must, as someone said, to form a sort of backbone :P Its not the usual mayo or mustard you find in american kitchens :P Its delicious! Its pretty filling too! These are always selling out fast at the store i get it from so it can be hard to get more than a few.

Sterling Heights Professional Organizer said...

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite ramen by a mile. I used to drive an hour to a shop that carried them, but haven't seen them since lockdown. They're super expensive online, too. It's been over two years since I've had these yet still I crave them regularly. One of my favorite foods hands down.