Koka "Spicy Singapore Fried Noodles"

Brand: Koka
Flavour: Spicy Singapore Fried Noodles
Format: brick-in-packet
Packets: two
Identifiables: noodle brick, flavour powder, white stuff
Sodium: 0.73 grams

I wanted to go back and slip in a review of a ramen package that's been sitting on my shelf for a while now. It's the anticipated counterpart to another flavour of the same brand. About the only claim on that package which doesn't appear on this one is "low fat". Well, it does say the noodles are fried....

Preparation gets a bonus for this one because the noodles only need boiling for two minutes. I keep wondering if I could get away with just pouring the water into the bowl and covering it like yesterday's lunch but no – when I do these reviews, I follow the directions on the package, full stop.

The packets come as an attached pair with the word "SEASONING" emblazoned across both. They're decently pinked, but opening can be a trick because the one with powder is filled to the brim. I recommend opening over the noodles. The other sub-packet is full of white palm oil. An advantage of having an opaque packet is that I tend to spend less time squeezing every last bit out.

The result? These are, in fact, spicy. Surprisingly spicy. I'd put them on the level of Shin Ramyun (which has, in fact, become the one I compare others to.) Fortunately, they're also very tasty, mixing that prominent hot pepper with the sweet onion flavour that makes "Mi goreng" so popular among instant noodle aficionados. It doesn't have the fried onion bits of Indomie's Mi goreng, but I have to admit that I gladly trade that for the spiciness. If you're an Indomie addict, be sure to try this one also, if you can find it.

Numbers: packaging 3, preparation 3, heat 4, flavour 5, overall 5
Music: Moxy Früvous - 'b' - Johnny Saucep'n


Ria said...

Thanks for snapping shots of the ingredients on these ramen packages. I'm vegetarian and it's practically impossible to find ingredients online, plus Ramenbox and many other online stores don't list them. :)

Electric Keet said...

Now I feel bad for not keeping the higher-resolution versions of the ingredients pics! I may do that from now on, though. I'm also rather familiar with the woes of trying to order food without knowing what's in it; my wife keeps vegetarian, and we both try to avoid hydrogenated oils.

Amy said...

I'm not sure if you reviewed this before but try this noodle if you get the chance:

Paldo Bibim Mein:

I found it to be quite tasty.

Unknown said...


Prior to finding your blog, I seen this noodle packet at Pak n Save in New Zealand while I was on holidays. I couldnt bring it back to Australia with me so I had my sister send it over after reading your blog.

WOW to my amazement it is definiely tasty, much healthier & not too spicy! I rate this over the ususal mi-goreng flavours :)

If only I could find it here in Newcastle NSW, Australia. If anyone has any tips as to where to buy that'll be great.

Cheers for this great info.