More noodles arrive.

I recently received a variety of instant noodles, courtesy of one "Hana from MIT". Hana didn't just send single packets; these are multipacks, meaning that if I find a favourite I get to have more of it! This sort of generosity warms every last bit of my heart, friends, and of course great thanks go out to Hana for enabling my ramen addiction contributing to the ongoing ramen adventure.

The four packages include three different styles of instant noodle, and one bag of what turns out to be snack ramen. I'm no stranger to this sort of thing, personally. These look like standard ramen packets, except that instead of directions to cook the contents, one simply eats the noodles which are either pre-flavoured or meant to be shaken with the contents of a flavouring packet. This is something I've done with standard ramen before (sometimes to great amusement) so it's no surprise that it was adapted into a snack food, sometimes with more sweetness than would go into noodles meant for cooking.

This particular brand is called "Mamee Monster" and claims to be "BBQ flavour". The colourful packaging, clearly meant for the younger set, bears a fuzzy creature with the appearance of Cookie Monster if he put on a clown nose and an 80's surplus headband. He's pictures leaping through a ring of flames, which I believe is the international symbol for, "Lunch will soon be ready, and it's likely to be roast monster." That's all right... I'm adventurous.

In this particular case, there's really no excess sweetness. It does indeed have a sort of well-rounded and strangely subtle flavour of roasted spiced vegetables and... meat. No particular meat, just meat. It's close enough to neither fowl nor pork to definitively declare it to be one or the other, though judging by the halal designation I'm leaning towards fowl. Possibly, it's monster-flavoured. Overall, it's a nice little snack, and I'm guessing these packets won't last long at all around here. However, I promise that my next review will be one of the proper cook-then-eat noodles from this package.

Thanks again, Hana!

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Anonymous said...

mamee monster fan,

wow..i luve mamee,i still remember in the 90`s there`s a mamee monster 'kari' flavour..its so spicy,yummy..
but now,there's only 2 flavoured left,BBQ & chicken..

opps,i forgot,there's a new flavoured,perisa 'satay'!!!!