Paldo "Kimchi Noodle"

Brand: Paldo
Flavour: Kimchi Noodle
Format: Foam Bowl
Packets: Two
Identifiables: noodle cake, powdered spice, generic veggie bits like onion, carrot, and so forth
Sodium: 2.02 grams

(This is actually from 2008 July 15.)

For my first real review, I chose a simple one, mostly because I was in a bit of a hurry to get some noodle in me. and I had other work to do. It was a joy to pull a foil-lined lid away from a foam bowl that didn't disintegrate, and the fill line is unmistakably clear. Now, this is my kind of ramen. I started some water boiling, tore open the spice and veggie packets, and sprinkled them in.

The package declares, "Kimchi taste!" One might imagine that implicit in calling the flavour "Kimchi Noodle", but in my experience Oriental-flavoured ramen tastes nothing like Orientals, so I won't begrudge a disclaimer.

I poured the boiling water in, waited three long minutes, then snapped a photo of the expected sort of orange-reddish oil on top of broth and noodles. I dug in. I don't know about "Kimchi taste!" but it certainly wasn't bad, and the only difficulties I had were in trying to eat when it was still too hot, and keeping the noodles on my chopsticks. (Yes, they're lime-green Ikea-brand plastic chopsticks, but I had to buy them. Look at the little nubs! They're fun to lick.) Anyhow, it's what I'd consider a decent ramen experience, if uninspiring.

Then again, now that I'm happily slurping the broth, the heat's catching up with me. Not bad at all. Satisfying, gritty finish. (The grittiness is from leftover spice bits that have settled; these can either be an exclamation point or a Mr. Yuk face, depending. In this case, it's closer to the former.) I'd put this on the enjoyable end of average.

I always wait until after the experience to look at the ingredients. That's when I stumbled on the little surprise: salted shrimp. There's shrimp in the kimchi? That explains the slightly fishy note in the aftertaste. It's rare that I'm surprised by what's gone into instant ramen. Well met, Paldo. I look forward to taking on your "Yukejang" later on.

Numbers: packaging 3, preparation 3, heat 4, flavour 3, overall 3

Music: Konami Kukeiha Club - Perfect Selection Dracula Battle - Requiem for the Nameless Victims

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