Nissin "Curry Flavor"

Brand: Nissin
Flavour: Curry Flavor
Format: brick-in-packet
Packets: one
Identifiables: noodle brick, curry powder
Sodium: 2.06g

(This is actually from 2008 July 16.)

I had a little dental work done this morning, so I decided that once the anaesthetic wore off, I'd take it easy for lunch. Warm salty liquid is very soothing to just-irritated areas, but I didn't want anything terribly spicy. Thus, the Nissin Curry Flavor noodles. (Yeah, curry will probably be the least spicy of this lot.) Curiosly, the side says "Nissin Demae Ramen"... is that a specific brand name? Anyhow, I generally trust Nissin for decent eats, so this really seemed like it'd be the most comfort-foodish of the bag of tricks waiting for me.

Boil water, open packet, open little flavour packet — in this case, labelled "Ga Rei Mein Soup Base" – and prepare as directed. The noodle brick had me worried for a bit, as it's slightly larger than my favourite little ramen-cooking pot, though it took only a few moments for it to conform. (I've named the pot "Ben" for absolutely no reason. Expect the name to change on a daily basis.) The result, as can be seen, looks like most chicken ramen in all its glorious yellowness.

The result is actually not spicy at all to my palate, but has a modest and pleasing curry flavour. There is, however, no doubt at all that this innocuous little meal harbours eighty-six percent of my daily recommended sodium intake. Really, there's nothing terribly notable, good or bad, about this ramen; it may as well be any of the basic Top Ramen flavours, comforting and inoffensive.

So I washed it down with some Caffeine-Free Diet Dr Pepper. How's that for offensive?

Numbers: packaging 3, preparation 2, heat 1, flavour 3, overall 2
Music: Manfred Linzner - Iridion 3D & II Arranged Soundtrack Perfect Selection - Iridion 3D: Medley

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