My wife and one of our flatmates were enjoying that commonest of prepare-in-package ramens, Nissin "Cup Noodles: Chicken Flavor". (These have the local short name of "cup noodle". My favourites are the ones with little dried prawns in.) As said flatmate finished her noodles, my wife suggested:

"What you do now is, you take the still-warm broth from that, pour it into another cup noodle, and fill the rest with hot water and let it cook. You get double-strong broth that way."

I stared in abject horror. I married this... this... defiler of ramen?

"I call it 'hot-brothing'," she gleefully admitted. "Or, alternatively, 'chain noodling'."

I consider this to be anathema, which means wonderfully demented and dementedly wonderful. Does anybody else do this? What names do you have for this unthinkable act?

I feel like I've somehow lost my innocence.


E. Kellner said...

Frankly, I think that's a brilliant idea! I've gotta side with the bunny on this one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I HAVE used double-seasoning packets before, or added extra boullion to the mix for flavoring. But then . . . that's the Mauchen package noodles.

I'm ambivalent on this, and divided. Part of me goes "er, that's kinda g ross" another goes "hey, your body, your food, you have to eat it. Not my problem".

Which explains my resistance to other "food crimes" perpetrated in that household. Even the ones which turned out well (Dare I say, "Cold Pink"? And I want the recipe for that.)

Electric Keet said...

Well, "hot-brothing" and "salt-ramen starter" seem tied right now in the polls, but there can still be an October surprise.

Oh, you would! *grin* Actually, I think I personally prefer the term myself.

Yeah, but... it's... it's an abomination! I mean, look, broth was not meant to mix with broth! I have a freedom to not see this happen! All right, thinly-veiled absurdist commentary aside, I wouldn't hot-broth myself, but I find most of this stuff salty enough without help, y'know? As for the recipe, I'll bug my better half to send it.

PatGund@gmail.com said...

One word....